Pitiable starving artists, or soulless tyrannical monopolistic Luddites?

The Reording Industry Association of America is primarilly concerned with technical standards of music and music software. However, the RIAA also participates in the collection, administration and distribution of music licenses and royalties. ( We're talking about cash-money here folks. Which makes clear why they are such strong anti-p2p lobbyists (and hypocritical jerkheads).

...the RIAA devotes itself to making music matter to more people than ever before...On behalf of its member companies, the RIAA works to protect the value of music."

And what value is that Mr. Goodhearted RIAA?

Music is the world's universal form of communication.
It touches every person of every culture on the globe to the tune of $40 billion annually."

Ooh, the value of $40 billion going into your pocket, gotcha.

…the RIAA [is] working toward a seamless, interconnected world for music fans.
You mean the seamless interconnected world where you tyrannically monopolize the media for your own profit, instead of keeping music universally accessible on internet-based media networks?
That world?

In conclusion, don’t listen to the RIAA because they are money-grubbing soulless monsters.



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